4 Top Things to See on a Tour of St. Thomas

Posted on: 2 March 2022

St. Thomas is widely said to be one of the most beautiful of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is a lovely place to take a vacation and spend some time relaxing on the beach. While you are there, you may also want to take a tour of the island and see some of its attractions. Here are a few top sights you may see on your St. Thomas US Virgin Island tour.

Pirates Treasure Museum

The Pirates Treasure Museum is a hands-on museum that caters to guests of all ages. It is a popular stop on kid-friendly and family-friendly tours. At the museum, you can explore exhibits that teach you about the pirate-related history of St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands. There's also an exhibit of shipwrecks from around the world, and one that teaches you about extreme weather and how it is experienced at sea. Since there are two floors to the museum, it can take a few hours to see thoroughly.

St. Thomas Synagogue

The St. Thomas Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in the United States. It hosts an active congregation and also welcomes many tourists each year. Tours often stop here for either a brief tour of inside the synagogue, or just a walk around its grounds. There is also a gift shop where you can purchase items imported from Israel.

Mountain Top

Known simply as "Mountain Top," this attraction is actually the highest point on the island of St. Thomas. It is very popular for driving tours to visit this spot for lunch or a break mid-day. From the lookout, you can clearly see Magens Bay and the nearby island of St. John. There is a stand where you can buy drinks and snacks (along with the gift shop). 

99 Steps

99 Steps is a historic site on the island of St. Thomas. As the name suggests, the attraction features 99 steps. They are all made from the ballasts of old ships, which came to the Virgin Islands carrying supplies from Europe. You can walk up and down the steps, enjoy the associated gardens, and learn a bit more about the history of imports and shipping in the Virgin Islands.

If you take a tour of St. Thomas, there is a good chance that the tour will stop at one or more of the attractions above. They can all be great places to learn, expand your mind, and celebrate these lovely islands.