Tips To Maximize Your Wine Tour Enjoyment

Posted on: 11 June 2020

You may think that going on a wine tour is enjoyment enough — you don't need to do anything to maximize the fun. While you are highly likely to have a good time regardless, you can also take certain steps to heighten your appreciation for the experience. This advice is especially useful if you're embarking on your first wine tour, but it's a good refresher for connoisseurs, too.

Try the following tips as you go on a wine tour.

Space Out the Tastings

When you go on a wine tour, you often plan to visit several wineries. Sometimes the tour is guided, but often you can set your own pace. If you can, space out the tastings. For one, the purpose is to sample wine, not become intoxicated. For another, you'll get the chance to savor each experience and reflect before you have a new one.

Be Prepared to Discuss Preferences

Wine tastings can feel intimidating to newcomers. Sometimes newbies are hesitant to mention their wine preferences in case the tasting room personnel judge them. The personnel aren't there to judge but rather to match their wines with your preferences. Be prepared to talk about what you do and don't like so you get a more tailored experience.

Take Notes about the Wines

The goal of a wine tour is to experience wines from the region. Often, you'll taste wines you've never tried before. After a few sips, you might forget which wine was which, so you'll have difficulty asking for it later. It is recommended that you use a personal system with your own language and a rating system to take notes about the wines.

Leave Off the Perfume

When you talk to wine experts about tastings, they'll universally tell you to leave off wearing perfume. Scent is an integral aspect of your sense of taste. Wine tasting especially relies heavily on the sense of smell because so much of the wine's charm comes through its "nose," or its scent. Perfume can distort that nose not only for you but for everyone in the tasting room.

Invest in a Few Bottles

When you're on a wine tour, typically the fees associated with the tastings are covered in the cost of the tour. Therefore, you're not obligated to buy wine to pay for your tasting. However, you're bound to find wines you've never seen at your local liquor store. Invest in a few bottles of your special favorites. Wineries can typically ship the bottles to your home if transportation is an issue.

Keep the above tips in mind to have the most fun on your wine tour. For more information about wine tours, contact a company like Ambassador Limousine.