Why Do A Destination Wedding?

Posted on: 18 March 2020

Brides, grooms, matching bridesmaids, flowers, speeches, and spending tens of thousands of dollars are all things that you might see at a traditional wedding in America. However, many adults from the millennials and generation X generations have had enough with all of that. Have you ever thought about ditching the bore of tradition and throwing yourself a destination wedding? A destination wedding is when you, your fiance, and your closest guests all travel somewhere to celebrate your union. The destination could be a state, a country, or a continent away, but the results will be the same: A beautiful celebration of your love. There are many reasons why a destination wedding could be right for you, some of which are as follows.

The Cost

At first glance, you may think that a destination wedding would be more expensive than a traditional wedding, but you would be wrong. A destination wedding is ultimately a smaller wedding. They usually only include close family members and friends, which cuts down on the budget substantially. Normal weddings include a luncheon or dinner for most of the guests, which includes tablecloths, centerpieces, flowers galore, and much more. Instead of wasting your money on those things, you could be standing barefoot on a beach somewhere drinking your favorite champagne with those that mean the most to you. Having a destination wedding could save you more than $80,000.

The Adventure

There is no limit to what you could do or places you could go to during your destination wedding. Have you been dreaming of going to the setting of your favorite movie for your whole life? Buy a ticket! The beauty of destination weddings is that there are no rules, scripts, or seating charts. You just pick a place, find a clergyman, and say I do. Then settle in for the adventure of a lifetime with your people around you. 

Stronger Connections

Destination weddings are usually a weekend or so of time together. This intern allows newlyweds to spend much more meaningful time with their guests. Instead of meeting your mother-in-law in a stuffy church, you could be zip-lining down a mountainside or scuba diving by her side. Having real adventures alongside your new family members is one of the best ways out there to form a strong connection in a timely manner.  

In conclusion, maybe it is time to start your own tradition. Talk to your fiance about scheduling a destination wedding today.

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