By-The-Cabin Yacht Charters: A Unique Experience

Posted on: 21 February 2020

Sailing the seas is a popular past time for people across the globe. One popular way to experience new lands via water is on a cruise ship. If you opt for a cruise, you will explore new places with thousands of other people on a crowded and loud ship. It is a great time, but some people prefer a more laid-back experience with fewer people on board.

You don't have to be a millionaire to charter a yacht. Many places offer "by-the-cabin" yacht charters.  With a by-the-cabin charter, you can get the benefits of a cruise in a much more intimate setting.  You will also get similar amenities to a private yacht charter. These semi-personal yacht charters have many benefits to them.


You will have privacy with this type of trip. As the name indicates, you are essentially renting a room. You will have a private room on the yacht, but you will also have access to the main areas. You get privacy when you want it, but you can also get to know the crew and other guests.

Kick Back and Relax

You can kick back and relax. A by-the-cabin charter comes with a full crew that has extensive knowledge of the area. You don't have to do anything at all—the crew takes care of it. You are likely to get a gourmet chef to prepare all meals for you, too.

Access to Smaller Ports

Access to smaller ports is a bonus! Due to their massive size, cruise ships are limited in where they can dock. With a by-the-cabin charter, opportunities to visit smaller and more private ports open up to you. You can go to places that a cruise can't take you.

Meet New People

Participating in a yacht charter like this will allow you to meet new people from other parts of the world. The number of staterooms on a yacht depends greatly on the company and the type of licensing the yacht has. Standard charter yachts carry 12 people, so you will have the opportunity to at least meet a handful of other passengers. With the intimate setting and shared common areas, you are likely to make some new friends on your journey.

A by-the-cabin yacht charter will save you money. Chartering an entire yacht for your vacation can be pricey if you do it the standard way. Renting a cabin on the yacht cuts the price down a good amount and makes your personal journey much more affordable while giving you the luxury you can only get on a yacht.

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