4 Tips For Chartering A Private Plane

Posted on: 13 May 2018

Traveling on commercial airlines can bring a lot of hassles, such as having to arrive at the airport hours in advance, delayed flights, and lost luggage. It is not surprising that chartering private planes has become much more popular with travelers who want to reach a destination with minimal stress. If you're planning on chartering a plane, use the following tips.

1. Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

One of the keys to chartering an airplane is asking a lot of questions to help ensure that you choose the right company. Make sure to ask for a comprehensive quote; some airplane charter companies have additional takeoff and landing fees. Airports may also charge additional fees for private airplanes.

You should also ask about the number of pilots that will be on your chartered flight. It is typically best to have at least two pilots on board for a flight. Don't forget to ask whether or not the company owns the plane that you are chartering; in many cases, companies who own the planes that they charter offer better service.

2. Look at the Safety Record

When you're chartering a plane for a flight, it is in your best interest to ask about the company's safety record and their pilot's qualifications. Take the time to research a company that you're interested in and find out if there has been any accidents or problems mentioned in the last couple of years. Traveling by private plane can be very convenient, but there is no reason to hire a company that has a poor safety record or inexperienced pilots who are not highly qualified.

3. Understand the Terms

There are many options when chartering a plane; depending on the size of your party and the airport you're flying out of, you can opt for a prop plane, turbo plane, light jet, or turbojet. Before you charter a plane, it is important to know about the differences in the types of planes available to help ensure that you charter the right one.

4. Get Several Quotes

It is never a good idea to charter a plane with the first company that you contact. Prices and level of service can vary from one airplane charter company to another, so it is always a good idea to contact several companies before booking. Doing so ensures that you and your travel companions will be hiring a company that has the plane and level of service that you're looking for. 

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