Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea: Deep Sea Adventures You Can Buy

Posted on: 7 February 2018

If you read Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, then you probably had fond daydreams of exploring the ocean. Even if you never read the classic novel, and dreamed of exploring the ocean, you will find that there are lots of adventures you can purchase to satisfy that end. The following ocean adventures are yours for the taking.

Deep Sea Fishing Trips

There are two kinds of deep sea fishing trips. The first takes you far out to sea to allow you to fish in open waters. The captain of the boat has the equipment to drop large hooks and heavy fishing lines deep into the ocean to catch marlins, swordfish, and other very large ocean creatures. The work of catching these fish is all done on board the boat, which you charter for the entire day.

Another kind of deep sea fishing trip takes you under the water and several leagues down in diving gear. Usually, you are allowed to take a harpoon or other deep sea fishing equipment. You may harpoon any of the fish you would have tried to catch on board the boat, plus a few others, such as squid.

Underwater Hotels and Resorts

There is a good dozen underwater resorts and hotels, some of which are completely submerged except for their entry doors. A couple others require you to board a submersible craft to be transported underwater. All of the rooms in these underwater resorts and hotels give you a full view of the ocean around you. You can spend all day and half the night too, watching the undersea life swim by you. Of course, they come with a hefty price tag, but it is an unforgettable experience.

Tour Sunken Ships

With the revelation of underwater tours of the Titanic, touring sunken ships is another ocean exploration trip you can take. Not all tours of all sunken ships are offered in the U.S., so you may have to go to other countries to connect to the tours that will take you to other sunken ships. There are so many, and all of them equally as historic and as iconic as the last. You could easily spend a decade traveling the globe and taking tours of sunken ships. 

All of these tours will take you down to the bottom of the ocean where the ships have come to rest. Smaller submarines piloted by skilled submariners patrol through and around the sunken ships. Depending on the lighting in each submarine, you may or may not be able to take photos on your adventure. To learn more, contact a company like FUNPCB