Three Things To Consider When Booking A Wine Tour For You And Your Girlfriends

Posted on: 2 December 2017

If you are looking for a great trip to take with a few girlfriends, consider going on a wine tour. Wine tours allow you to be able to learn a lot about wine and enjoy some down time away from the hustle and bustle of life. The following guide walks you through a few tips to use to ensure that you and your girlfriends are able to truly enjoy your wine tour.

Consider How Many People You Want to Go on the Tour With

Wine tours are limited to a specific number of people at one time. You need to consider how many people you want to go on the tour with you. If there are a lot of you going, you may have to split into two groups during the tour, but will be able to spend time together when the tour is over.

Consider What You Want to Learn During the Tour

There are some wine tours that offer you the ability to learn a few different things when you take the tour. Some tours allow you to learn how they make their specific wines, how they grow their grapes, and what goes into the bottling process for the wines. Some wineries allow you to also learn how to pair wines with different foods so that they can be enjoyed fully. You need to decide if you and your friends want to learn the basics about the wines that you will be drinking or if you want to go into a more in-depth tutorial on wine pairing, as well.

Consider a Winery that Has a Restaurant on Site

When you go to the winery, you want for everyone to be able to sit down together and catch up after the tour is over. Choosing a winery that has a restaurant on site will provide you and your friends with an opportunity to enjoy a meal together before you head home after the tour. Be sure that the restaurant has something available to cater to everyone's different dietary needs so that no one has to go hungry during the meal.

It is best to book the tour in advance to ensure that you and your friends can all go on the same day. It is best to have a head count before you book the tour so that the person you speak to can know exactly how many people will be going on the tour when they book it for you. Contact a service, like Ambassador Limousine, for more help.