3 Different Methods For Securing The Best Hotel Rate

Posted on: 26 November 2017

When traveling, the cost of hotels can easily take up much of your budget. If you want a little more room for fun and want to spend a little less on your accommodations, try one of the methods for securing a fair hotel rate discussed below.

#1 Call The Hotel Directly

Call the actual hotel directly, not the hotel's 800 number. Calling the hotel directly can help you secure the best rate because you are dealing with the actual hotel, not some third party that may add a markup to the hotel's rate. When you deal with the hotel directly, if they can't negotiate on the price of the rooms, they may be able to offer you other extras for free instead, such as breakfast, Wi-Fi or late checkout or early check-in for no extra fee. Additionally, if something happens and you need to change your reservation, the hotel itself may be more flexible with changes to your reservation than third-party booking sites will be.

#2 Look for Small Hotels

Keep in mind that not every hotel is going to show up on hotel search sites. Hotel search sites actually require hotels to pay them a commission for any bookings made through their sites. This can be off-putting to smaller hotel chains or independently owned hotels. Look at general search results or TripAdvisor to find small gems of hotels. Calling these hotels directly can help you get discounts and you often get a more customized experience at small hotels.

#3 Use Coupon Books

You may be able to use coupon books to get a good deal. You can find hotel coupon books at rest stops and travel stops along your journey. You may also be able to find hotel coupons at convenience stores as well. These coupons are generally created by the specific franchise owners and usually provide you with deeper discounts than you can get from the national chains that these franchises are associated with. These coupon books usually change out on a seasonal basis, so be sure to check the expiration dates on the coupon book that you have. If it is expired, be sure to pick up a new one to get the best local deals.

Reduce the cost of your lodging by calling the hotel that you want to stay at directly, looking into smaller hotels that don't show up on hotel search engine sites and using coupon books that you can get at rest stops. To learn more, contact a company like Continent Tours