Making Your Bus Trip More Comfortable

Posted on: 22 November 2017

Long chartered bus rides can be an economical and less stressful way of traveling compared to flying or taking a train, but if you're traveling overnight or for a very long time, your comfort level can experience some hiccups. Modern charter buses have padded seats, climate control, and bathrooms in many models, but you can take extra steps to make the journey easier on your body and mind.

Ergonomics and Health

If you're about to take a long bus ride, remember that you need to stand up occasionally and walk around. Yes, it's hard to walk around when the bus is packed and in motion, but long bus rides will have breaks. Take a moment to walk outside. You may want to wear compression stockings or socks to help reduce the risk of clots forming in your legs, if you're prone to circulatory problems.

Charter bus seats are made to be comfortable, but bringing along extra items like a neck pillow, an inflatable pillow for sleeping, and a blanket can make trips overnight or on very cold days (the bus will have heating, but everyone has a different tolerance for temperatures) can make the trip cozier.

Rethink the Sleep Aids

For long overnight trips, sleeping soundly can be difficult because of road noise and ambient noises on the bus from fellow passengers. However, if you're tempted to take a sleeping pill or antihistamine to make you drowsy, you may want to hold off. Those medications can make you very groggy when you wake up -- not to mention they can make it harder to wake up, period. If there is an emergency on the bus, the medications could add to your confusion and make it harder to react quickly.

Bring More Entertainment Than You Think You'll Need

When you have nothing to do but entertain yourself, you can get a surprising amount done. That book you thought would last you most of the trip might be done in a few hours. You might get sick of that one playlist you created on your MP3 player. And your fellow passengers may not be very interested in talking to you.

Bring items from different areas of entertainment. Movies on your smartphone; a few books, or even better, an ebook reader; puzzles; and more. Give yourself the opportunity to switch things around.

Arranging for a chartered bus trip can be fun, but the long drives are still going to take time. Make that time pass more quickly with the right preparation. Contact a company, like A&A Limousine & Bus Services , for more help.