The Three Foundations Of An Upscale Bachelor Party

Posted on: 21 November 2017

Bachelor parties are often a time where the guys gather together to let loose and have fun. If you and your best friends tend to have a great time all the time, you may be interested in something a little different than the usual bachelor party. Upscale bachelor parties are one of the new ways to celebrate an entrance into married life. Here are the three foundations that you will need for an upscale bachelor party. 

Travel to an exotic location

Even without the exotic dancers, you can have the most fun in an exotic location. A few months or weeks before the wedding, have a guys only outing to a location that the groom has always wanted to visit. This will allow all of the guys to have a once in a lifetime experience plus provide the groom with plenty of pre-wedding fun. Be sure to book the tickets several months in advance so that all of the flight and hotel arrangements can be solidified well prior to the wedding. For help with exciting events you can experience during your trip, you can talk to a company like Adventure Combat Ops.

Have a black tie dinner

A black-tie dinner before the wedding is a good idea for several reasons. Dressing in suits and having a five-course dinner will provide an upscale feel to the trip. A black-tie dinner will also give everyone a chance to brush up on their dinner etiquette before the wedding. If there will be photograph displays or a slideshow displayed during the wedding, the men's black-tie dinner is the perfect time to get photographs of the entire group looking dapper. Book a dinner at a fancy restaurant in the bachelor party location to capture some excellent memories. 

Take something back for the wedding

Taking a trip to an exotic location means having plenty of time to enjoy some sports outings, take pictures of the location, and have a few drinks with the guys. Along with taking memories back home, you should also take something home for the wedding. Everyone should help the groom select a few unique pieces to take home for the wedding. The pieces can be used during the ceremony or during the reception and tie into the theme of the wedding. Be sure that the items that you select are representative of the area that you all took the vacation. It should also be in the same color scheme as the wedding. Finding this piece will be like hunting for treasure and can be one of the ways that the groomsmen contribute to wedding planning.